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This is the links page.  These pages might be of interest to you (Note:  I only link to free web pages.  I hate ones where you have to pay to look at the goodies)

General vore

This is a good all purpose site with lots and lots of free content.  You'll find furries, dragons, snakes, hundreds of pictures, stories, movies and lots of other vore here.

This is quite possibly among the best vore sites out there.  Hundreds of pictures, along with hundreds of pictures for other fetishes featured on the site. A must see!

Another vore site, with lots of free pictures of many kinds of animals.  Also features the vore code generator, which allows you to show what your vore preferences are.

This web site has lots and lots of links to other vore sites on the internet.  If you're looking for a specific type of vore site, you're sure to find it here.

The big gulp message board. Big names in vore pictures, such as Strega, can often be found here. (thanks to Rhys Devas for the link!)

Aquatic vore:

Also known as Squalo's shark lovers page. Your one stop for shark vore. It's not getting updated any time soon, but the stuff that's already there is excellent.

This site has a fantastic computer video of a shark eating a woman (bloodlessly). Your computer will need to be able to play MPG or AVI files to watch it.

No vore stuff here, but really good pictures of lovely women in lovely wet suits with killer whales. My favorites? Jenny from Florida, Karey from San Diego(wow) and almost all the other women from San Diego. And you gotta love Shamu's expression from San Diego with Tom. Most of the background orca pictures on this site come from here.

This website explores sharks in various movies and how they come across on camera, and who they attack :) Unfortunitly,there are few pictures of sharks actually swallowing victims, and the ones that are there are very small. Still, a nice website to visit if you like sharks.

http://www.fritzliess.com/movabletype/archives/000402.html(currently dead)
This link goes to an amusing article about a sport where people "Stuff" themselves into sharks.  If you can't tell, it's a spoof.

In this cool video, an (un)lucky eskimo has an encounter with a killer whale.

A lady dives off a boat, and gets a suprise! (Video) (New!)

A shark is caught by fisherman, who get a suprise! (video) (New!)

Miscelanious vore:

This is a site about women being eaten by snakes.  It only has stories, but they are well written and worth a look.

This goes to a story where an elephant eats mogli from the Jungle book series. As far as I know, it's the only elephant vore story on the internet (Thanks to Katzlynx for this link!).

My newest site, which deals with women being encased and entombed in mud and quicksand.

My online weblog. I can update this more frequently then the site, so if you want the very latest news, go here.

The vore section of this site has now moved to this address.

This page was last updated:  October 26th, 2005