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What is this place?
What is this place?
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What is this place?

So, what is this site?  We'll, I was getting sick and tired of finding very little vore about my favorite creatures, so I decided to make a site where I could group all of it together.  If you are wondering, my site focuses on specific vore, namley  Aquatic creatures. 
When I find pictures that I want to use on my site, I attempt to contact the owner/illustrator of the picture for permission to use it on my site.  Sometimes however, this is not possible, because on the sites where I find the images, they sometimes do not list an E-mail address.  Erulian, for example, is a wonderful artist, but he has no E-mail address that I can find.  I firmly believe in giving credit where credit is due.
Most of the pictures on this site are fairly small to medium in terms of size, to try and allow as many as possible withought running out of disk space.
This site is mostly self-supporting in terms of pictures, but I would appreciate it if you would e-mail me about any sites or pictures you've found and let me know about them so I can put them on the site.
Oh, one final thing.  I try to show only bloodless vore on this site, but if it's not too violent (i.e., no guts shown) then I will show it.  I will link to vore that has blood, so if you really want it, you can find it. 
Who is Darkraptor1?
Ah yes, who am I?  I live in California, I've got a family and a car.  I'm male in gender, and my passion is of course, Aquatic vore.  Here's my vore code:

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