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"Hey I love your site, it's one of the best I have ever seen"    Katzlynx
"Nice Site! I also like orca and dolphin vore! I really
apreciate your site! keep the pics coming!                         Graland Grovlye
super puper, never saw such great swallow pic's                shiza
Very nice site                                                                 MjeromaruM
I love the site :)                                                               Klin the Catgirl
Your site rules                                                                Valka
This site is GREAT! I like your Orca Vore scetion the most!  Orcinus
Great work!                                                                     D'phinn

Your web site is getting more and more awesome.                                                                      MjeromaruM
Nice site!  I'm into hippo vore myself                                 Drezzy
Cool site.  Vore rules and your site is excellent!                Fafath_Rusc

Hey-ja! this site is great!                                                 Steve
Jo I like this site. Good job with this pictures.                   Matt


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