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Welcome to darkraptor1's aquatic vore page.  This site is dedicated to specific types of vore, mainly aquatic creatures and some other creatures. 

Well, it's been over a year now since this site was last updated, and I figure I owe it to anyone who is still coming here that I tell you what's going on.

This site is now officially ended. There will almost certianlly be no more updates. No more pictures. Why? Mostly real life. I have things to do and other projects to pursue, and because of that, my time of making photomanipulations of women being swallowed by killer whales and other aquatic beasties is over.

Will there every be any more pictures? Personally I doubt it, but you never know. If I do any more, it won't be here (disk space is 99% full), but if I do any more, there will be a message here announcing it.

I had fun doing this site, and I hope that you enjoyed looking over it.

This site, though it will most likely never be updated, will still be kept up and running, so that the pictures will remain up for people to enjoy. In addition, i'm trying to get a ZIP file of all the pictures done here, including the ones that were deleted and are no longer on this site.

I had fun, and I thank you all for your kind support.



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